Why Zambia ?

A safe and stable country

Zambia is the safest country in continental Southern Africa. The political system is particularly stable: Zambia has never experienced successful coups d’etat.
Part of the 10 safest countries in SubSaharan Africa
Source : The Fund for Peace (2019)

A relative high income African country

Zambia, a lower-middle income economy, is a relatively well-developped Sub-Saharan African country.

GDP per capita (PPP, USD)
Source : World Bank

A business friendly environment

Zambia is the third country in Southern Africa as regards as the ease of doing business and the time to prepare and pay taxes.
Continental African country in terms of ease of doing business
Source : World Bank

Preferential market access

Goods ``made in Zambia`` benefit from preferential market access in many developed countries (U.S.A, European Union, China, Japan etc). In Africa, Zambian goods can be freely imported in 25 countries (South Africa, Egypt, Tunisia, Angola etc)
In more than 70 countries, locally manufactured goods benefit from preferential entry conditions
Source : World Trade Organization (2019)

A profitable manufacturing industry

The profitability of the manufacturing sector attracts foreign investments: more than 50% of foreign investments were directed, in 2016, to the manufacturing sector. Investors can take advantage of facilities offered by multi-facility economic zones and industrial parks. Exports of manufactured goods account for 25% of total exports.
manufacturing industry in Southern Africa (amount of value added)
Source : World Bank

A performant agricultural sector

The relative high productivity of the local agricultural industry has made Zambia a persistent net exporter of agricultural goods. The availability of vast unutilised arable land makes possible the establishment of large and modern farms. Due to a cool and dry sub-tropical climate and the presence of considerable water resources, it is possible to produce throughout the year. While temperature is around 30°C in summer, the average winter temperature is between 6 to 12°C.

A net exporter of agricultural goods
Source : International Trade Centre

A world-class mining industry

Geologically speaking: Zambia is walking on wealth. Zambia holds 6% of the global copper reserves, is the 7th largest copper producing nation in the world and Africa’s largest producer of cobalt.
largest copper producing nation in the world
Source : World Mining Data

A promising tourism sector

Zambia was ranked as the second top destination for hotel developers in Africa in 2015 (source: African Hotel Report). Well-known hotelier groups (Carlson Rezidor Hotel Group, Marriott, Accor Hotels, South Africa’s Southern Sun, Protea Hotels, Sun International, Taj Hotels Palaces Resorts and Safaris ...) have made major investments in Zambia. In addition to having the potential of becoming a regional hub for the Meetings, Incentives, Conferences and Events (MICE) industry, the country also has a unique potential for tourism. Zambia is notably the home of the Victoria Falls -one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World and UNESCO site-, 20 national parks, 34 game management areas and 23 million hectares of land devoted to the conservation of flora and fauna.
top destination for hotel developers in Africa
Source : Hotel Partners Africa

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