Flying to Zambia

An easily accessible destination.

  • Many airlines –including Air China, China Airlines, Emirates- propose flights between major Chinese cities (Beijing, Guangzhou, Shanghai) and the capital city of Zambia (Lusaka).
Flight from ⇔ to Beijing ⇔ Lusaka Guangzhou ⇔ Lusaka Shanghai ⇔ Lusaka
Stop over   Addis Ababa  or Dubai or Johannesburg Addis Ababa or Dubai or Nairobi Addis Ababa  or Dubai
Airline companies Air China, Emirates, Ethiopian Airlines,  South African Airways China Southern, Emirates, Ethiopian Airlines,  Kenya Airways Emirates, Ethiopian Airlines

A modern international terminal will welcome you.

  • The construction of the new international terminal of the Kenneth Kaunda International Airport is expected to be completed by 2020.

Immigration regulations

  • Chinese nationals need an entry permit (work permit or visa) to stay or live in Zambia.  
  • All applicants must remain outside Zambia until the permit/visa has been approved.

Obtaining an entry visa

Baseline characteristics of the most common types of visa

Visa type Single Entry Double Entry Multiple entry
Number of entries allowed 1 2 Unlimited
Applicable fees (USD) 50 80 80
Period of validity 90 days from the date of first issuance


Step Action
1 Go to the secure online application
2 Enter the exact personal information of the applicants
3 Submit relevant documents
4 Make the online payment
5 Check in your mailbox the reception of a confirmation mail and the presence of a link to confirm your application
6 Activate your application –click on “Confirm email”
7 You can track the progress of your application on the e-Visa platform
8 Wait during 3-5 working days
9 Once received, download (and print) the approval letter/visa sticker

Obtaining a work permit

  • Employers seeking to employ expatriate staff are required to apply for work permits from the Director of Immigration Department.
  • Firms that (i) hold a Certificate of Registration from Zambia Development Agency, (ii) invest a minimum of US$250,000 and (iii) employ a minimum of 200 employees shall be entitled to an investor permit for up to five expatriate employees.

Most common types of work permits

Type of permit Temporary employment permit Employment permit Investor permit
Validity From 1 to 6 months in any period of  12 months From 6 months to 1 year with provision for renewals (up to 10 years) Initial period of 1 year with provision for subsequent extensions or renewals

Requirements for issuance of a temporary employment permit

Application form (form 25) Covering letter to the Director General of Immigration from the employer indicating the nature of work the applicant intends to undertake in Zambia
Two recent passport size photographs Prescribed fee
Certified photocopy of valid passport (bio data and last endorsement stamp for Zambia)

Requirements for issuance of an employment permit

Covering letter from employer addressed to the Director General of Immigration Registration certificate from the relevant professional body in Zambia (where required) Certified copy of valid passport (bio data and last endorsement stamp for Zambia)
Application for an employment permit (form 23) Curriculum vitae Two recent passport size photographs
Employment contract/Letter of offer Certified copy of qualifications (academic, professional) Prescribed fee
Police clearance from country of residence Copy of marriage and birth certificates (where available)

Requirements for issuance of an investor permit

Covering letter addressed to the Director General of Immigration Proof of personal investment (bank statement, money transfer, ZRA Form CE20, bill of lading from ZRA).

If an investor is forming his own company, he or she should bring in at least US$250,000.

If he/she is joining an existing company, it should be at least US$150,000.

Prescribed fee
Application for an investor permit (form 27) Investment license from ZDA (not mandatory) Two recent passport size photographs
Certificate of incorporation List of directors Proof of ownership or lease agreement in Zambia
Certificate of share capital (where required) Certificate of minimum capital Certified copy of valid passport (bio data and last endorsement stamp for Zambia)

Applicable fees

  • Fees depend on the nature of the permit and on the type of application.
Type of application Permit fees (ZMW)
Temporary employee Employee Investor
Issuance 4,500 6,000 4,000
Renewal 5,250 7,000 5,000
Duplicate 5,250 6,000 4,000

Change of occupation/employer/nationality/name

Addition of names of spouse or children