Tremendous investment opportunities exist in Zambia,

Mr. Li Tie, Managing Director of CAMCO Group

CAMCO Group is one of the largest Chinese trading companies in Zambia. The group is engaged in many sectors, including agriculture, forestry, power generation equipment, machinery and construction. In the home appliance retail sector, CAMCO has 18 stores in Zambia.

Since 1998, CAMCO has invested more than USD 20 million in Africa. The group plans to continue to develop its activities in this continent. CAMCO notably wants to be part of Africa’s industrialization, agricultural mechanization and China’s “One Belt and One Road” strategy.

CAMCO is committed to establish friendly relationships with local people (including employees) and local authorities. As proof of its commitment, a CAMCO’ branch (Budget Stores LTD) has been honoured “Best Chinese Enterprise in Zambia Award” in the activity that “Respect civilization, Set images, Ensure safety, enhance development”.

Finally, Mr. Li Tie points that, thanks to its political stability and its conducive investment environment, Zambia will remain one of the most attractive destinations in Africa.

Sikale Wood Manufacturers

Our dedicated workforce has always been our most valuable asset

Managing Director of Sikale Wood Manufacturers.

Since its establishment (2007), Sikale Wood Manufacturers (SWM)  has been continuously expanding. As pointed by the Managing Director of SWM, such a growth story would have not happened without the dedicated work of local employees. The company is engaged in the sourcing of timber, transportation to the production site and processing of the timber into a wide variety of consumer goods (household furniture, doors, staircases, wooden flooring, office furniture etc.). Products are entirely Made in Zambia. With the aim of becoming the biggest wood processing company in Africa, the firm is currently increasing its production capacity. The expansion will enable SWM to serve both the local and the regional demand.  The Government of Zambia (GoZ), through its economic policy and public purchases, has  substantially facilitated the development of SWM.  


Sinoma Cement Limited (SCL) is a global cement company. The group has more than 100 plants all around the world.

SCL initially came to Zambia as a contractor. Observing that prospects in the local cement industry were extremely promising, the company decided to enter into the market. The firm invested more than USD 450 million to build a plant, creating more than 2,900 direct jobs. The presence of business friendly policies and the low cost of doing business greatly facilitated SCL’s investment decision.

The Chief Executive Officer Mr.  Lui Zhijiang is confident about the return of the investment: operating costs are locally very competitive. Importantly, the investment has also sizeable positive effects on local development: living standards of workers are substantially improving and employees benefited from skill development programs.

As pointed by Mr. Lui Zhijiang, this so-far successful investment demonstrates that Zambia is an attractive destination for capital-intensive industries.