A priority sector


  • The Seventh National Development Plan (7NDP) recognises the agricultural sector as a key priority sector for Zambia.
  • During the 2017-2021 period, the Government of Zambia (GoZ) committed to implement specific measures with the aim of stimulating agricultural and agro-processing production, increasing productivity and enhancing agricultural infrastructure.
  • In an effort to increase investments in this key sector, the GoZ has already put in place an attractive incentive package  (including a 10% corporate income tax rate)

Why Zambia for agriculture?

The relative high productivity of the local agricultural industry has made Zambia a persistent net exporter of agricultural goods. The availability of vast unutilised arable land makes possible the establishment of large and modern farms. Due to a cool and dry sub-tropical climate and the presence of considerable water resources, it is possible to produce throughout the year. While temperature is around 30°C in summer, the average winter temperature is between 6 to 12°C.

A net exporter of agricultural goods
Source : International Trade Centre

A wide preferential market access

  • Zambian agricultural goods are freely imported in many African countries
In more than 70 countries, locally manufactured goods benefit from preferential entry conditions
Source : WTO

Goods “made in Zambia” benefit from preferential market access in many developed countries (U.S.A, European Union, China, Japan etc). In Africa, Zambian goods can be freely imported in 25 countries (South Africa, Egypt, Tunisia, Angola etc). They also benefit from preferential access in major international markets (U.S.A, European Union, China etc).

Investment opportunities

  • The greatest opportunities are in the following areas
Large-scale crop production (cotton, tobacco, dairy, poultry, mango, pineapples, oranges, avocado …) Large-scale livestock Agricultural processing and packaging
Packaging Agricultural inputs Animal feeds

National farm blocks programme

  • In order to facilitate the establishment of new large farms, the GoZ has set-up a land bank. The following large sites have been identified
Farm block name Province(s) Areas (ha)
Manshya Mpika & Nothern 147,000
Kalumwange (ready for roll-out) Kaoma & Western 100,000
Luena (ready for roll-out) Kawamba & Luapula 100,000
Mikilenge/Luma Solwezi & Norh-Western 100,000
Musakoshi Mfulira & Copperbelt 100,000
Mwase/Phangwe Lundazi & Eastern 100,000
Nansanga (ready for roll-out) Serenye & Central 100,000
Simango Livingstone 100,000