With a pipeline of public private partnership projects worth USD 22 billion, the government is wooing international investors in several sectors, The Investor’s Road Map Zambia (2018).

Infrastructure development

  • The Government of Zambia (GoZ) strongly supports major investments in infrastructure aiming to unleash the potential in agriculture, tourism, manufacturing and address housing needs.
  • Foreign-owned companies perform, most of the time, large-scale government projects.

Public private partnerships

  • To accelerate the development of infrastructures, the GoZ recognized the need to mobilize private sector financing.
    To increase private sector participation, the government plans to facilitate Public–Private Partnerships (PPP).

Investment opportunities

  • Potential exists in the following areas:
Investments in  roads, rail and  telecommunication infrastructure PPP opportunities Construction of affordable housing (more than 2 million housings are missing) Construction of commercial property in regional centres