A key sector

  • The Seventh National Development Plan (7NDP) reiterates the role of the mining sector in the development of Zambia.
  • During the 2017-2021 period, the Government of Zambia (GoZ) plans to promote, among others, (i) the exploitation of gemstones and industrial minerals, (ii) foreign participation in mining value chains and industrialization and (iii) petroleum and gas exploration.
  • Specific tax incentives are available for investors investing in the mining sector

A world-class mining industry

  • The country has an history of mining of over 90 years.
  • Most mines are located in the Copperbelt.
  • Historically copper mining has been Zambia’s main economic activity: mining and quarrying represent about 13% of the GDP and account for 70% of exports
largest copper producing nation in the world
Source : World Mining Data

Geologically speaking: Zambia is walking on wealth. Zambia holds 6% of the global copper reserves, is the 7th largest copper producing nation in the world and Africa’s largest producer of cobalt.

Key minerals

  • The following table displays the evolution of the annual production of main minerals extracted in Zambia.
Zambian production Unit 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 Rank (2016)
Cobalt (t) 5,436 5,658 4,562 2,979 4,982 6
Copper (t) 699,020 763,805 708,259 711,515 774,290 7
Manganese (t) 24,270 21,760 22,000 5,000 27,500 19
Sulfur (t) 310,000 310,000 300,000 300,000 363,000 29
Steam Coal (t) 90,493 415,233 159,151 103,439 126,050 48
Gold (t) 4,232 5,207 4,803 4,238 4,610 52

Database Source: World Mining Data

Exploration potential

  • Over the four main geological formations present in Zambia (Congo Basin, Forest Sandstone, Karoo Supergroup and Katanga Supergroup), two of them were identified with substantial exploration potential.
Geological formation Exploration potential for
Katanga Supergroup Copper, cobalt, gold, uranium, base metals mineralisation & other industrial minerals
Karoo Supergroup Energy minerals & hydrocarbons

Source:  The Investors’ Road Map Zambia 2018  

Investment opportunities

  • The greatest opportunities are in the following areas
Exploration, production & processing of minerals (gemstones, cobalt, zinc, manganese, uranium, precious metals, etc) Participation in the mining value chain & industrialisation Petroleum & gas exploration